Experts, lecturers

Experts and lecturers of the University of Pécs Medical School Defense Research Centre

Dr István Kobolka

associate professor, Colonel,
Head of the Defense Research Center

Dr István Kopcsó

UoP MS professor

Éva Ladányi

titular associate professor

Dr Gyula Gaál

Police Colonel, Chief Police Adviser, PhD

László Tömböl

retired engineer chief colonel

Emese Rozália Farkas

certified economist, public finance management and control consultant. Egypt expert.

Dr Zsolt Fejes

medical colonel, PhD

Dr Abeer Haddadin

Advisory and Board Member to the Supreme Committee for Aviation Medicine of the Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (CARC)

Zoltán Apáti

Brigadier General, General Staff, Training and Education Group Headquarters, Group Leader

Dr Gyula Csege

Corporate leader, expert, consultant, university lecturer, PhD

László Sikesdi

PhD student

Evelin Trembeczki

PhD student

Csaba Lábodi

PhD student

Attila Zsitnyányi

PhD student

Dr Attila Bozsik

PhD student

László Balajti

PhD student

Gábor Máté

PhD student

Dr Mikós Polgár

cannon captain